Art Props


Art Props connects artists with local businesses, facilitating interventions and encouraging arts-based practices outside conventional spaces. It is a joint project initiated by curator Dimitra Tsiaouskoglou and supported by zeitraumexit e.V.

It comes as an echo of the Festival Endlich - Über das Sterben in der Gegenwart, which tackled notions of death through various artistic approaches. Establishing a collaboration with two private businesses in Mannheim, two works of Greek artists disrupt the day-to-day work life for ten days and will bring art closer to a wider public.

Evi Kalogiropoulou

She was always depicted running to the left with bent knees (video)

Venue: Sportstudio Jungbusch Die Muckibude

Drawing from ancient Greek references and contemporary post-humanist feminism, the artist weaves an immersive narrative around notions of femininity, masculinity and the perception of beauty from antiquity until today. Medusa, the underworld deity, an incarnation of death and hybrid body, meets Sappho, the ancient poet who gave voice to female homoerotic desire. Medusa’s petrifying gaze seems to have shaped this dystopian post-human landscape, where polished gym-sculpted bodies, high-end body-building equipment, bouts of sweat and immaculate cyborgs are in constant fluidity. 

Collaborating with Sportstudio Jungbusch Die Muckibude in the neighborhood of zeitraumexit, this intervention aims to engage customers with contemporary art and offer a moment of reflection and exchange. Like daily shots of adrenaline, the work is being injected in the sports-studio existing screens, disturbing the usual spectacle the athletes enjoy, while practicing.

Anna Papathanasiou

Christmas Tree (Video-Performance)

Venue: FIORI Florian Kußmann

A statue-like figure no longer having agency of her body, is subject to the disposal of others. A monument, idolized and nestled in eternity, becomes a platform for manipulation and play. Ornaments function like instruments of power, beauty eventually lies in the hand of the adorner. AΑritual takes place, a gradual process which draws a fine line between ornamentation and vandalism, honor and exploitation. 

Collaborating with FIORI Florian Kußmann the goal is to engage with customers and passerbys through contemporary artistic practices, while connecting zeitraumexit‘s activities with the everyday life of the city.